Principal Services

Our customer-centric consultants analyze client’s entire expectations and needs of the optimum and effective design. RISEN offers a proven methodology for engineering solutions that emphasize cost-effective solutions. With a broad base of expertise and experience in bringing all forms of efficiency to the market, RISEN provides an unparalleled perspective, and serves its clients with unsurpassed commitment.

Structural Engineering

RISEN’s structural design team provides the support your project requirement. We provide a variety of structural engineering services to architects, engineers, private industries, governmental agencies, utilities, railroads and contractors. We regard structural engineering as more than an application of technology. Each project is reviewed by our experienced staff to provide the best combination of function, economy, aesthetics and maintenance. Our structural engineering services includes but not limited to structural analysis, construction observation, design consultation and development, inspections and investigations, and value engineering. The technical abilities and judgment of our experienced staff are supplemented and enhanced by in-house computers driving sophisticated finite element, structural and design analysis and integrated 3D modeling. We has both the flexibility and experience to offer innovative solutions in almost any situation or geographical location. Every RISEN’s project, whether it is a complex or a simple structure, is given careful attention by our staff.


Transportation Engineering

RISEN provides a comprehensive array of services to roadway and railroad planning to produce cost-effective design and analysis. We employ experienced teams of planners, engineers, scientists and technicians to address your community’s transportation needs. Our services in roadway planning and design includes but not limited to residential streets, local road, busy urban arterials, highway, toll-way, tunnel, and interchange design. We have the technical expertise to develop sustainable solutions that complement and support your community’s longrange plans. We also focus on providing services to the railroad industry, including feasibility studies and planning; track design; transportation and civil design; and bridge inspection, design and plan checks. Whether your project is simple or complex, RISEN will help you improve your transportation systems with efficient, safe and effective solutions.


Project and Construction Management

Owners and construction industry experts recognize that using qualified project and construction management (PM/CM) services is the most efficient means to achieve cost, schedule and quality objectives on project assignments. RISEN understands that each project and each client is unique, with needs that cannot be met with a “cookie cutter” approach. We tailor the project approach to each client’s goals, schedule and budget with a wide range of options. We work with clients to create the best blend of services, staffing and contractual delivery methods for every assignment. As each project develops, RISEN is ready with specialized expertise to resolve any issue that may arise. RISEN’s PM/CM services provide essential support to clients facing the complex challenges of today’s construction industry and provide consulting services with insight into every stage of a project, from conception to completion. Our single-minded dedication to quality, whether acting as managers or advisors, improves the efficiency and success of our clients’ construction projects and programs.


Architectural Planning and Design

We believe that all successful projects begin with well-prepared design and planning. Our team is dedicated to bring the best architectural planning and design that well suit our client’s expectation. Through the vast experiences gained from projects that have been completed successfully, we fully understand that excellent design will give many advantages to our clients including cost and time savings, sound quality of products and life-time satisfaction. Our wide range architectural services from concept drawing to 3D design with our integrated services through out the project will proven to best support our client. With such services, we have better point of view of how to deliver a great architectural planning and design.



We provide a sound and reliable ‘real time’ information about your existing structure through our installed instrumentation apparatus. The data reading and other information obtained during the process, combined with our expert analysis will ensure a fine-tune output of your existing structure safety performance. With the support of our experienced staffs and state of the art equipments, we offer a broad range of instrumentation services. Vibration monitoring for building, bridges and other structures; verification of structural performance; and geotechnical investigations are only few services of what we offer.


Key Personnel

Dr.-Ing. Ir. Josia Irwan Rastandi, M.T.      :      Commissioner (Structural Dynamic Expert)

Ir. Ali Mahmud                                          :      Director

Ir. Widjojo A. Prakoso, M. Sc., Ph.D       :      Geotechnical Expert

Ir. Hendri Novialdi                                    :      Senior Engineer

Ir. Yulius                                                   :      Senior Engineer

Ir. Yudhistira Achmad                              :      Engineer & Drafting Coordinator

Ir. Albert Sconardo                                  :      Engineer & Drafting Coordinator